When You’re Having A Mental (Nervous) Breakdown! Remember It Is Not You

When You’re Having A Mental (Nervous) Breakdown! Remember It Is Not You- You’re Not Your Mental Illness.

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Mental Health Struggles Are Not Always Visible To Others. Some of Us, Especially Myself Tend To Always Put On Smile Even When We Aren’t The Best Version Of Ourselves. The Morning Started Off So Joyous And Energetic! Then Boom 💥 It’s Crazy How Such a Shift At Any Moment In Your Day- Can Trigger Anxiety, Depression Or Anything You May Be Struggling With. I’ve learned It Is Most Important To Learn What Your Triggers Are and Always Being Prepared To Utilize Your Coping Mechanisms. It’s Been About 2 Years Or So Since I’ve Experienced A Mental Nervous Breakdown Episode. I Usually Have Symptoms Leading Up To This That Would Start With My Body Trembling, My Anxiety Will SkyRocket , Along With Unexplained Outburst. Depending On What Initially Triggered The BreakDown. I Will Have An Anxiety Attack That Can Last For Hours - While Turning Into Extreme Mood Swings, Loss Of Hope, And Insomnia. Unplug Yourself From The World Reach Out To Your Support System Rest & Recharge Tomorrow Exist Simply Because It Allows Us Another Chance To Start Over. - 𝓙𝓪𝓬𝓴𝓲𝓮 #holdmyhand

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